Review and Swatch: OCC lip tar all star mini set

Once again, this is something I picked up on black Friday, and it’s my favorite purchase! I’ve been interested in the occ lip tars for a while, but couldn’t secede on a color I wanted most that would be worth $18 for me. This set instead is four colors, all of which I like so I decided to go with it! According to the back of the package this is a Sephora holiday exclusive.
The colors in this set are:
Memento: which is described as a “pink/plum neutral”. I think this looks a bit coral on me.
NSFW: a “true, balanced red”
Anime: “vibrant neon pink”
 Black Dahlia: which is described as being a “blackened red” but I think this looks purple/ berry-ish on me.
It also comes with a lip brush which is quite nice.

I like all these colors in the package and on me; I was actually surprised how much I like NSFW because it seems like just another red. Instead this is the “perfect” red on me; it is a medium/dark red that is matte and because of this it is very wearable. Also it doesn’t budge so I feel safer wearing it knowing I won’t be getting red all over my face.
All of these last a very long time. I can eat most meals (including tacos!) without really needing to touch up. The first touch up is also very easy and seamless, only on a second touch up can the center of the mouth (where I touch up) start to get a bit clumpy looking.
They are also easy to apply with the lip brush. Remember, you only need the smallest bit! I also experience no feathering or shifting on my lips. If you have obviously flaky or dry lips this can catch on them, but not more than any other matte lip color. To “prep” my lips I apply a lip balm before I start my make up, and then remove it with a wash cloth that is a bit damp and move it in circular motions to do a little bit of exfoliation. I then add a little bit more lip balm and then “kiss” it off on my hand until only the thinnest layer is still applied (so little I can’t rub my lips together). I then apply the lip tar starting on the center of my bottom lip and then moving to the edges and then repeating on the top lip. I also don’t apply the lip tar to my brush directly, instead I apply it to a little mirror I use as a palette.

This kit costs $20 at Sephora and each mini lip tar contains 0.08 oz of product ( a Revlon lip butter has 0.09 oz). Each lip tar is then $5 and contains (nearly) as much product as a drugstore quality lip product that is $7-$8. This is quite a good deal to me considering the extremely great quality of this kit!

Overall, I really love this kit and recommend it to everyone even slightly interested in lip tar. I can only hope OCC comes out with another one of these mini sets next year (or sooner!) My ideal mini kit would contain lydia, strumpet, vintage, and either anita or pretty boy.


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