Review and Swatch: Sephora + Pantone Universe Opulent Laquer Trio

When I went to Sephora on Black Friday this is one of the things I picked up. It was in the little clearance racks they have for $9. It is a trio on mini nail polishes. Each color is 0.22 oz each.
Color 1: Tornado- silver blue micro glitter and opalescent circle glitters in a clear/ light colored base
Color 2: Anthracite- black crème
Color 3: Shale – silver, blue, and pink micro glitters in a translucent black base
All the colors are pretty (which is why I picked this out of the choices; there was also a gold and a red set) but Shale is disappointing for me. In the store it looked black with purple glitters, but turned out to look exactly like pure ice private show/ butter London black night which I already own! If you don’t have it though, it’s a nice color and goes on evenly.
Tornado is a very unique shade and is a good top coat. It has a slightly textured finish.
Anthracite it a regular black crème which I do wear often, but I honestly prefer Wet n’ Wild over this. It goes on pretty opaque in one coat but needs two. Unfortunately on the second coat it likes to glob up on the nail. It still had a few patches that weren’t completely opaque, and after one day it has some minor chipping/ serious tip wear.
Anthracite, shale, tornado

The packaging is super cute, but I took them out to store with the rest of my nail polishes. I used the plastic container halves to store my lipsticks. The brushes on these are not too thin, but are quite short and so hard to get enough polish to cover my long nails. Short nail, though, shouldn’t have a problem.

Overall, this is pretty good for $9, but is a little disappointing that I have a dupe for one of the glitters and the black isn’t fantastic.


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