Review: Sephora atomic volume mascara

On black Friday I picked up this mascara in sephora’s clearance section for $5, because you can’t beat $5 for a mascara right? Because of this price, it may be discontinued.
This mascara is black and not waterproof, though it does stay on my lashes more than my Maybelline. I have experienced no flaking or eye irritation. The wand is made up of plastic bristles, not spoolie fiber type.  While this mascara is marketed at volume, it also adds a bit of length to my lashes. Though, I’m not the best at reviewing mascara because my lashes are a bit pathetic; short and straight.

The first coat of this mascara goes on smoothly and well; on the second coat you can get clumps if you try to add another tick coat. The only clumps I got are on the tips of my lashes though, so they were easy to pinch off with my fingertips. For these pictures I curled my lashes, then applied two coats.
immediately after application

after about an hour

Overall I think this is a quite good mascara, especially for only $5. This makes me interested in mascara’s with plastic bristles. Maybe next time I need mascara I will go for something like Maybelline’s The Rocket. 


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