Review and Swatch: Wet n’ Wild megalast lip color in 919 B “Vamp it up” (MAC dupe!)

Vampy lips are in season! I love the dark and vampy lip look, and as every year when fall and winter come around they come back into style. This year, though, I’ve noticed a lot of really dark lips so I decided to buy a new, darker lipstick. This is the darkest lipstick I own.
Vamp it up is a dark, almost black, purple. It is pure purple, not at all berry/ red-ish.
The first time I heard of this lipstick it was actually in the context of a MAC dupe; this is very nearly the same as MAC cyber! Check out a comparison here
This lipstick didn’t apply was well as some of my other megalast lipsticks, it was a bit patchy, but I think this may be because of my lips being a bit dry. From other mentions of this lipstick no one else seemed to have this problem and it didn’t apply terribly, just needed a bit of work. Since this lipstick is so dark and dramatic I wanted a perfect application so I first prepped my lips with lip balm, then removed most of it. I then lined by lips with the product using a lip brush, and then filled my lips in with the brush, and then blotted. At this point it was looking a bit patchy and thin in places. So, I took the tube and patted the product directly from the bullet to my lips, then blotted very lightly. It looks good after this! I then cleaned up a bit with concealer on a concealer brush.

This lipstick lasts quite well like the other megalast lip sticks, but since it is so dark just the slightest bit of removal from eating makes me want to patch it up. This costs the normal $1.99 of this range.

Overall, this is a decent lipstick especially if you are new to the dark lip trend and don’t know if you can pull this color off. I think I can, what do you think?


  1. hi, this lipstick looks more purple than I have seen on internet in general. actually this is exactly like I want. I thought it was much more almost black

  2. It might appear different in different skin tones and how thickly you apply it, but on me it is a dark purple and not a purple/black.


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