Review and swatch: wet n wild Megalast liquid lip color in 929A Rose to the Occasion

Everything I’ve heard about this product (which I of course heard only after I bought it) is quite negative. For me this is kind of a Love/hate product. There are some good points and some “could be bad depending” points.
This product is a liquid lip stick that dries to a dry and matte finish. It has a type of flat almost doe-foot applicator wand. If you apply this wrong, it’s going to look horrible. After a bit of trial and error I have found the best was to apply it.

How to apply:
Firstly, since this is a very drying product, moisturize your lips with balm, and let it absorb. Then wipe it off before you apply the lipstick, otherwise it will not “lock” onto your lips. Then apply it carefully but fairly quickly. If you make any mistakes, clean them up immediately. If you need to rub your lips together to it fast; if it seems tacky stop. Now you need to not touch your lips for about a minute or two. If your lips touch while they dry they will rip the lipstick from each other and cause a mess. Also, do not blot or apply a second layer! After a few minutes if your lips still seem a bit tacky in places, you might have applied too much. In this case, apply a little of translucent powder to set it. I’ve only had to do this with the very center of my lips on occasion.
After your lipstick is dry, it will not budge. It won’t fade. It won’t transfer onto skin; it will only transfer if it get a bit wet (like whilst drinking) and even then not much. I can eat whole meals, and not need to touch up. Touch up, though can be a bit tricky. You can only apply a thin layer and you have to let it dry like before. If you touch up multiple times it can build up on the lips and look bad.

Since this stuff is so long lasting, it can be a bit hard to remove. It cannot be removed with a tissue, or with just water and a cloth. Don’t try. It can be removed with a makeup wipe (with just a bit of work), or with eye and lip make-up remover liquid. 
This color is a nice medium pick with just barely visible gold glitter. Unfortunately I think all of the colors have glitter to some degree.

If worked with correctly, this can be a great choice for a longwearing and no transfer lip color. It can get uncomfortable and drying and it’s not easily removed for a total touch up. It’s only $2.99 though, so if you are curious about this formula it won’t break the bank.


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