Comparison: Relvon colorstay foundation oily/combo and dry/normal

My standard foundation is Revlon’s colorstay liquid for oily and combination skin. The last time I was at Ulta though, I accidentally picked up the formula for dry and normal skin tones. So I thought it would be helpful to compare the two especially for those who are maybe skirting the line between normal and combo.  

The main difference between the two is the consistency of the foundation. The dry skin formulation is a lot runnier than the oily skin one. It then runs out of the bottle quicker and can be a bit messier. It also does not cover as well, and I need more foundation to cover my face and blemishes. The kind for dry skin also sets to a more “dewy” finish. While I don’t find either formulation drying, the kind for dry skin also doesn’t make me oily, which is surprising. I do use powder though, but I was expecting a difference.

Overall, I’d say there isn’t that much of a difference in formulations expect for coverage.  If you want a fuller coverage I’d go for the oily/combo one even if your skin in “normal”.

They both retail from $10-$13 and various drug and beauty stores. 


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