Review and comparison: Neutrogena oil-free moisture SPF 15 and Combination Skin

Neutrogena is my favorite brand of facial moisturizers. I find it does its job well without being to greasy or thick for my skin (like I find Olay). I usually use the SPF 15 kind, but I decided to try another type: Combination Skin. The Neutrogena moisturizers come in many types like spf 35, sensitive skin, and the ones I mentioned before.

The SPF 15 type is a nice, creamy texture that is easy to blend in, but takes some time to absorb. It is very moisturizing and smells like nothing. When my skin was exceedingly dry, it has stung my face before.

The combination skin type is less opaque in color and creamy than the SPF 15. It also absorbs much quicker and is thinner in consistency. It smells a bit unpleasant; kind of like glue. It does help control my oil better and moisturizes sufficiently; but I’ll see if it works enough when in becomes winter time.
spf 15, combination

Overall, they are both good choices. I think for my skin type, the Combination skin is good and I hope it works enough for the winter time. The only downside is the smell. I wish its scent wasn’t glue-like. You can find these at any drugstore for around the $10 mark and there are often BOGO 50% off sales on this brand. 


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