How I curl my hair: Pin Curls

I’ve always loved curly hair, but unfortunately my hair is pin straight and does not deal well with heat. I can get a bit of wave form hot rollers, but not curls, and no matter what I use in my hair or what technique I do, curling irons do nothing. Because of this, I have since moved on to wet sets.

A wet set is a type of curling technique where you take damp hair and curl I using your preferred technique (rag curls, foam rollers, pin curls etc.), wait for them to dry, and then remove your implements to get curly hair. I started with foam rollers, but I found they almost give me too much curl and can be a bit uncomfortable to sleep in. As I wandered a bit into vintage style I found out about pin curls.

Pin curling is a technique popular among the vintage set because it was the most popular technique for curling hair in the 40’s. To pin curl your hair, you take small sections and wrap it around your fingers to make a curl and pin it to your head using bobby pins or pin curl clips. Using special “setting patterns” you can get different styles out of your hair. I just do a basic set; I use standing pin curls on my crown, and curl my hair down, flat, and back on the rest of my hair.
After it dries (you want to make sure tour hair is just barely damp) I remove the lips, brush it out and shape it into the style I want.
in clips

no clips, no brushing

almost done with brushing

final shape and style

 This technique can be a bit hard to understand with words so I am linking you to a blog post here: blog
And to a series of youtube videos by Lisafreemontstreet here: video

If you are interested in vintage setting patterns and styles check out Lisa’s channel!


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