Foundation Review: Wet n’ Wild Cover all crème foundation (New Favorite!!)

How I go this is kind of a funny story. My mother was sending me some antibiotics through the mail and asked if there was anything I wanted and I said concealer. Either Hard Candy or Wet n’ wild. I got this Wet n wild foundation instead. I decided to give it a try and since I have been annoyed lately with my Revlon I decided to give it a try, and boy, do I love it!
The coverall foundation is a crème formula is a little squeeze tube. This way, you can easily get out the amount of product you want, but unfortunately if you store in tip down, an air bubble forms and your foundation spurts out next time you use it, so store “upside down”.  The tube contains 1 oz. of foundation; the same amount as Revlon colorstay. This retails for between $3.50 and $3.99. Revlon retails for $10-$12.
The main problem I’ve been having with Revlon is the undertone. Revlon is pink and my skin is yellow, so it makes the color seem off. The cover all foundation has a neutral/ yellow undertone; perfect for my skin. I have the color fair which, though the picture is a bit deceiving, the same shade as Revlon 110 Ivory but with a yellow tone. It is the lightest shade and matches perfectly on me.

The coverage is listed as “medium/full” and I agree. One coat goes on much like Revlon (I applied with my standard brush; the real techniques expert face brush) and it dried pretty quickly.  I worked in sections like I do with Revlon, and after one coat I went back into the areas I have pigmentation and applied a second coat. On one specific spot I applied a third coat. These coats built up natural looking and blended in well. I didn’t need to use concealer which was pretty amazing for me; I didn’t uses concealer for my under eyes or blemishes.
bare skin

after application

The finish is what I would call “natural matte”, the tube calls it “satin-matte”. It basically is nearly matte without looking “powdered”.   I didn’t even really need to powder; but I did a little on my forehead, chin, and on my cheeks with my L’Oreal true match power. I also set my under eyes and neck with a translucent powder. This didn’t crease or dissolve on my skin after 8 hours of wear without primer.
final look

This formula has a “paint” like scent that is common to many unscented foundations. It goes away upon application and is preferable to a scent that may have a fragrance that could irritate my skin.
Overall, I think this is a great foundation. I am going to switch to this from Revlon I like it so much! I will have a better match, better coverage, and save some money!

Have you tried the wet n’ wild coverall crème foundation?


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