Review and swatch: NYC bronzer in Sunny

“Sunny” is my standard bronzer, and by bronzer I mean contour. This is a matte bronzer that is just the right color for my skin; many “contour” products are too dark for my pale skin. Many people comment that this is orange, and it does have a hint of orange. This doesn’t bother me because it is just a orange tone, and with my yellow/warm toned skin it fits in well. This may not be the contouring product for pink/cool toned people.
This product is not intensely pigmented which is something I like. I prefer a more subtle contour, so many very pigmented bronzers look to obvious. This way, you can build up to your intensity of choice. The product is also a bit “hard”, as is it take a bit of work with your brush to to get the color up; it’s not “buttery” or “soft”. Again, I do not mind this.  I apply it in the hollows of my cheeks and a bit up to about my eyebrows with an angled blush brush.

This bronzer retails for $2.99 at most drugstores, so it is one of the cheapest bronzers/contour powders on the market.  The packaging is basic with a plastic compact shape with a mirror; the only problem is the two halves are sometimes hard to snap together. I have been using this product every day for a year and have barely made a dent. Overall, I think this is a great everyday product for me and a great first bronzer/contour product for beginners. 


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