Lazy day make-up and hair

I've been trying to do some more natural and "minimal" make-up looks, and this is one of them. I still won't wear this out on a weekday to classes yet, but it has become my standard weekend studying look. For studying I don't care about wear time or if there are a few imperfections. When it comes to my hair, I just want it out of the way. This look takes me about 10 minutes, which is 5-10 minutes less than my normal look.

What I am wearing:
moisturizer/eye creme
foundation (wet n wild coverall)
powder (palladio translucent rice, and l'oreal true match)
bronzer and blush (nyc sunny, and wet n wild pearlescent pink)
eye shadow (nyx, two colors)
lip butter (revlon in cherry pie)

What I am not wearing:
eye shadow primer
eye brow powder
eye liner

My hairstyle is just a basic side braid.


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