Top three make-up palettes for Holidays 2013

As every time the winter holidays come around, there are make-up palettes galore for make-up lovers to choose from. I have seen a lot of talk around about different palettes and sets, and I’ve decided on what are my top three palettes for this year.

#1 Laura Mercier Artists’ Palette for eyes
This palette contains 12 eye shadows, 6 shimmer and 6 matte, that are on a taupe/grey/purple scale. Each eye shadow is .03 oz. and the palette costs $48 at Sephora. For reviews (which I will list) the quality of these eye shadows are fantastic and the color pigmentation is great.  The palette is also a reasonable size to travel/carry and has very classy packaging.
#2 Tarte Gorgeous Getaway Palette (ulta exclusive)
Tarte is known for having great eye shadows and blushes, and though there are two other palette out this year from tarte they are either eye shadows or blushes. This kit from Ulta contains both.  It has 16 eye shadows and four blushes plus three lip glosses. This costs $48 and all the shadows/blushes are full size. Full size blushes are .2 oz and full sized eye shadow appear to be either .09 oz or .1 oz. This palette is quite large in size with bulky packaging, but it comes with a small palette that fits one of the sets that are 4 eye shadows and 1 blush inside so it can be travel friendly. The colors in this set also are from a wide range, neutrals, purples, browns etc.


#3 Urban Decay Naked 3
While not for sale right now, the naked 3 palette comes out sometime this month (November). This palette seems to be love it or hate it already because many people feel it is just a gimmick; that people will buy it not because it is good, but because it is another naked palette and thus “must have”.  I don’t want it because it is a naked palette, I do not own and have never used a naked palette.  I like it because the shades are in a pink/plum/crème zone, which I like quite a lot, but still neutral. Neutral looks have been a pretty recent thing for me, and this palette looks really nice. This palette contains 12 eye shadows that are .05 oz each and costs $52.

Each of these palettes is nice and contains eye shadows, but the tarte palette contains the most eye shadows (16) and also has blush. It also has the most products. Naked 3 is the most expensive palette at $52. Cost per oz the naked is $8.60 per 0.1 oz; the laura mercier is the most expensive at $13.30 per 0.1 oz and tarte is least expensive at $2 per oz plus lip glosses. I would honestly be stuck between tarte and laura mercier because though the tarte has more stuff and is cheapest per oz. I think the laura mericer is more elegant and luxurious looking, also I know I’d love all the colors. I am not too sure about one or two of the tarte colors.


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