Review and swatch: ELF essential liquid eyeliner in black.

Liquid eyeliner is my thing. I have been wearing it essentially daily for almost five years. For the longest time I used the Wet n’ Wild liquid eyeliner in black, but when the price went up for $1 to $3 (and for only .12 oz) and it seemed to dry up pretty fast I decided to switch to elf which was $1 and I am so glad I did.
The container is a cone-esque shape with a long handle/top; it contains .169 oz of product. The brush is attached to the screw off top. The brush is a traditional brush with bristles, but is quite fine and soft feeling. This brush is narrow enough to draw extremely fine line, and can be splayed a bit with pressure to create a thicker line. The brush gets enough product on it to line the entire upper lid; you may just have to dip in once more for a cat eye.

The formula of the eyeliner is good and the color is very black. The liquid dries within a few seconds and is smudge proof. It’s not waterproof, but I have teared up in this many a time and have never had it run or smudge. This stuff also doesn’t dry out in the bottle. The bottle I photographed here is new, but I have a bottle which still works well and while I do not know how long I’ve had it exactly; I know I’ve been using it since last April at the very least. That means one bottle lasts 8 months at least. That’s almost scary long actually.

Overall, this is a fantastic product. It is cheap, last forever, and works fantastically. With this product available to me I don’t feel tempted in the slightest for a more expensive brand. This is great for beginners and pros a like. 


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