Review: Hard candy Lite bright concealer

I go this concealer sent to be by accident by my mother; I though she knew that when I said “hard candy concealer” I meant glamoflauge.  Either way, I decided to review this.
This is supposed to be a brightening under-eye concealer. It is a matte crème concealer without any shimmer or traditional “highlighting” aspects. I got it in the color “fair” which is way too light for me which is unusual because I normally always get the lightest shade possible in a foundation product because I am so pale. The concealer comes in a pen style clicker applicator. Mine, unfortunately, was broken when I got it, but I fixed in my removing the black cap on the end and pushing in the clear tube that was sticking out. It works now.
Unfortunately, the brush tip applicator doesn’t work perfectly either. The concealer comes out of the side of the brush instead of the tip; this makes a lot of waste because you have to wipe it on the back of your hand first before applying to the under eye.
way too light

see it coming out of the bottom/side?

My under eye circles aren’t that bad, so normally I just apply my foundation over them or my elf essential concealer. When I applied this, it covered pretty well, but was quite patchy in some areas and dried really quickly so the tackiness made it hard to blend.  The paleness also gave me “reverse raccoon eyes”. The only way I could make this work is by applying a layer of my elf concealer over it and then my l’oreal true match powder to fix the color and make it look even. Even after this I didn’t like the look. It seems to me to be “too perfect” and “too light”. Some under eye shadow is natural and nice looking to me; too much concealer is worse than the original discoloration. Another problem I have is that it creases on me; whether alone or with my additions. Since I am young there is only a single “crease” but it still isn’t nice; I can only imagine how this would look on mature skin. The concealer also feels very thick and uncomfortable on my skin; almost like glue. I don’t see ever using this again.
bare under eye

with just foundation

with just lite bright

foundation on left; lite bright with "toppings" on right

This concealer costs about $6 at Walmart and is a total rip off. The colors are weird, the applicator is bad, the texture is horrible and it doesn’t really work. I would definitely not ever buy this. 


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