Review and Swatch: Revlon Perfumerie Nail Enamel in Bordeaux

Since, the Perfumerie line came out several months ago I’ve wanted to try the products but I don’t usually spend $5 on nail polish. In the newspaper though, this week there was a $3 off coupon (which, by the way, I think is the most off one product I’ve seen)so I decided to give one a try. I heard Bordeaux was one of the better performing and smelling products so I bought it for $1.99 at Target even though I don’t exactly need another red nail polish.
Bordeaux is a deep oxblood like red that can turn almost a berry or purple in some lights. It actually is a very pretty shade. The scent I wouldn’t call red wine; it has a slightly tannic hint but is mostly fruit: maybe Sangria?
The bottle is one of the best points of the polish. It has a beautiful shape like an old fashioned perfume bottle with a little round top. Even the label is fancied up with a beveled cut.  It seems small but carries the usual 0.4 oz of most nail polishes. The problem though, is since the lid is so small it can be hard to grasp and paint with. The brush itself is also too small for my taste and had trouble picking up enough product.
The formula also leaves much to be desired. I find it too thick and gloopy and drys too fast. This makes it hard with the small brush to get even coverage. I did two coats and I notice some streaks and patches near my cuticles. It also seems to chip easily; I got three chips, one of which was really bad, in one day.
Overall the polish is okay. For $4.99 or more it’s not that great. I expected the formula to be more opaque and less goopy and the brush needs to be made bigger. The color is nice though and the smell is good.

Note: Based on reviews online I added a top coat and you can still smell it through! 


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