Review and Swatch: Wet n Wild Urban Night Megalast Lipstick (34425) Limited Edition Fall 2014

I have been looking everywhere for this collection; at least 10 stores in total many of which I had to really go out of my way to get to. When I finally found the collection, my number one product was sold out buy my dear number two was still there. The collection was the Limited Edition Wet n’ wild Fall 2014 and the lipstick I was able to get is Urban Night.

Urban Night (34425) is a deep color that crosses the line between a red and a berry. The best description I can give you is a sort of Oxblood.

While this is a matte lip color, like all megalasts, it goes on extremely smooth without catching on dead skin. It is also not drying and has no scent.
The packaging in this limited edition collection is unlike the usual black plastic tube. While it still had a clear plastic lid, the tube part is a sort of matte rubberized finish. I find it feels better in the hand and looks  a bit nicer than the standard packaging.

Since this color is pretty in line what I’d normally but, I decided to put a few colors alongside to see any similarities. Surprisingly, this is actually a unique color for my collection. The other colors I put beside it are Wet n Wild 918D cherry bomb, which is more purple and darker, and 911D stoplight red which is much brighter, lighter, and redder.

I have to say I do love this lipstick. It is a beautiful color for fall and the pigmentation and formula are fantastic. I really wish I could have also picked up Bordeaux Boulevard (my #1) but at least Urban night is also fantastic!


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