Review and Swatch: L. A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint

For a few months now, the word of the L. A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints has been swirling around makeup and beauty blogs online. These have become notoriously hard to find but have also garnered good reviews and direct dupe comparisons to OCC lip tars which I love so I had to check them out.
As I said, these are very hard to find. Very few places carry L. A. Girl and Rite-aid which carries their polishes does not carry this line. You can buy them online at L. A. Girl’s website but they are $4 ( a bit more than Kmart’s price) and then you have to pay shipping.  I have heard of people finding these at 5 and Below (I looked, mine didn’t carry them), at Hot Topic (checked two stores, neither carried them), and Kmart. The latter was the only successful trip, and even in that regard not completely.

 There are six colors available. The colors I wanted most were Coy (a lavender and an OCC rollergirl dupe) and Blushing (a purple mauve). This store didn’t even have the display stand; they must have sold out of so many they didn’t want to keep the stand up. Instead these were in plastic bins with the clearance, but they were not marked down. They remained $3.49. The only colors that I could find digging through those bins were Pinup (red), Bombshell (hot pink) and Hot Mess (orange). Since I have so many reds I just picked up Bombshell and Hot Mess.
Bombshell is a bright neutral toned pink with a hint of fuchsia.

Hot Mess is light/medium neutral orange.

This entire line has been compared to OCC lip tars, and it’s easy to see why. They are both thin, pigmented, peppermint scented liquid lipsticks, but there are some differences. I find the lip paints to be less tacky, less pigmented, and more peppermint scented than the lip tars.
My main problem with these lip paints is how runny, yet not pigmented they are, as with lip tars, you want to apply these with a brush. Unlike lip tars where you only need a mall dot, these require a good amount of product. I usually go back to the bottle 4 times during application if not more. OCC I go back twice if that. The problem with a lot of product though, if that it can run and feather since it is so thin. And since they are not that highly pigmented, the colors are not as bold as I thought. Hot mess especially, is a lot lighter than it appears on the packaging.
hot mess

In regards to the packaging, it does looks cool with the bold color and gold details, and appears to copy the Too Faced Melted lipsticks which are a lot thicker and cream like than these. The “applicator” is not really good for applying; it will make you apply too much. Instead a lip brush is necessary.
Since these are pretty similar to lip tars, some people have claimed to have found dupes. I would just note these are less pigmented so they are not perfect dupes. Hot Mess has been compared to OCC Kimber, and Bombshell to OCC Pretty Boy. I do not have either of these colors, but I do have anime so I swatched them side by side. Anime, on the top is lighter, brighter, and warmer toned than Bombshell.

These contain 0.4 fl. Oz. of product, the lip tars contain 0.33.

Overall, these are decent products and a good way to test out the idea of a liquid lipstick. I dislike how hard they are to find and thus the over-hyped nature of a product I’d call ok or good more than great. I find these to be less pigmented and thinner than they should be and the packaging misleading as to the colors inside. L. A. Girl is coming out with many more colors and I hope to try some, but I’m not going to try so hard to find them this time for this outcome. I do think they are good products to try. 


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