Review and Swatch: Milani Limited Edition Lipstick in Enchanted Amethyst Fall 2014

I can’t believe I actually got a hold of this lipstick. I have the absolute worst record when it comes to finding limited edition products; I don’t know if I’ve ever been able to except for maybe once! I’m currently trying to find a few collections from wet n’ wild and have gone to 4 CVS’s, 6 rite-aids, a walgreens (where I found this!) and a k-mart and only managed one lipstick, but that I will discuss in a future post!
I found this lipstick at Walgreens where I found that the display only carries two of each lipstick so it’s no wonder that people have been frantically trying to find it. The collection is called the bedazzled collection.  At Walgreens it was $4.14 before taxes.

Enchanted Amethyst is a medium, warmed toned purple with a matte finish. I mean a matte finish; this is the most immediately matte thing I own! It is also supposed to be a dupe for MAC’s RiRi Boy according to an Instagram post and also a matte version of MAC’s Up the Amp.

It goes on extremely creamy and nice for a matte lipstick and doesn’t dry my lips out. It is also extremely pigmented and only one swipe is necessary for full opaque coverage. The lipstick smells of vanilla. The packaging is gold with a clear cap so you can see the lipstick. The packaging seems sturdy but otherwise I have no other strong feelings about it.

I absolutely love this color on, though at first I thought I might have other lipsticks similar, so I swatched it against some others. Starting from the top there is Revlon Berry Couture which is too sheer and too light, MAC Violetta which is a bit bluer and is iridescent, and then NXY violet which is not matte and much too blue and a bit lighter. The last color is Enchanted Amethyst.

Overall, I absolutely love this color! It is very wearable for me, and I am a sucker for a nice matte finish. Four dollars was nothing to spend on what I would call a MAC quality lipstick; I wouldn’t be surprised it this wore better that RiRi Boy. While this may be hard to find; if you see it, get it!


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