Review: Maybelline Color Show nail falsies 70 The Silver Lining

The last time I went to my local dollar tree I came upon these false nails. I have never worn fake nails before, but since they were a good brand, cost a dollar, and had a really pretty design, I picked them up.  From what I can glean online, these came out originally in fall of 2013.
The Silver Lining is a medium length oval nail that is black rimmed with silver. The underside is a tan color.

Each box comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes, so, if like me, you have “average” sized nails you can get two full sets out of each box. They are supposed to be “ultra-thin” and flexible. Since I do not have much experience with false nails I cannot say, though they look neither chunky nor paper thin.
To apply these nails, you first must go through the sizes which are printed on the back of the nails and figure out which sizes work best with what nails. Then, onto a clean nail, you must put on the sticker, and then the nail and press for ten second. The problem is the sticker, though. While the directions say each sicker is labeled, it is not. There are two sheets of stickers that are the inverse of each other that are in a plastic sleeve that is labeled. Because of this I was a bit confused and put the wrong size on a couple, but it doesn’t really matter as long as you are close. These stickers are really sticky though, so you can’t just peal them off with your hands or anything. There is a little plastic stick in the box which I used the very tip of to lift off the sticker from the sheet, apply to my nail, then press on top with my finger, remove the top seal, and then apply the nail. After I got through a couple, it was easy to do the rest.

When I first wore them they seemed really dramatic and long, but when viewed as part of my entire appearance, they were not that dramatic. I even got a few complements! Picking things up was a bit difficult for the first day, but then I got used to it. I was able to eat, go to class, put on my clothing etc. just as easily as with my regular nails and never had to worry about them popping off. Over the course of the week though, bits of food, makeup etc. kept getting between the false nail and my real one because there is a gap. This, plus the fact that some polish was chipping off (mostly just major tip wear) made me change them after a week of wear. They could have feasibly lasted up to two weeks.

The removal process was the only thing stopping me from wearing these things every week. It was a pain! The box says to simply drop some acetone around the nails and they should “gently slide off”. Ummm, no. I applied acetone around the edges, in between the false and real nail, I dunked my nails in acetone, and still had to take the plastic stick and basically peel them off. This broke the false nail, the plastic stick, felt really weird, and took a long time. They didn’t damage my real nails though.

Overall, I like this product. I like how you can get two sets out of this kit, the ease of applying them, and how long and strongly they last. The only problem is removal which could have been easier. For only a dollar these were quite the steal! I wish I had bought more than two sets. 


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