Review: Dean’s List Vox Box

Recently I was chosen to participate in another Vox Box from Influenster!  For those who don’t know, Influenster is a website where you can share your view and opinions by reviewing products. If you are a consistent reviewer of quality content (and you are a bit lucky!) you can get chosen for Vox Boxes which are full of free products for you to try! In this post I will be doing a brief review of all the products found in the box; I may also do an extended review on some of the products I really liked. If there are any products you want a long review on, just comment down below.
Airheads Bites: This candy is like a cross between a skittle and a starburst. It is the great airhead taste and texture, but in a small candy size. I really enjoyed these. I actually sat down and ate the entire bag when I meant to only taste one of every flavor. I do love airheads, but my only problem is they can be messy and unless you want to eat a lot, you only get one flavor. These bites solve both of these problems. I will buy again; my favorite flavors are lemon and blue raspberry.
Pilot FriXion clicker: When I first saw these I was like “Wow, a pen, so cool.” (note the irony) but I can to realize Yes, they are cool! These are not ordinary pens; they are erasable gel pens. These are not the erasable pens of the 90’s no, these actually erase! I find these very helpful with my school especially when professors prefer things to be written in pen, but you have problems spelling like me. Also good for official documents.
Sinful Colors in “No Text Red”: I love sinful colors nail polish, I really do. It lasts a long time without chipping and is always very opaque. This polish is no different. It is a basic red cream, so if you are like me you already have a few others in your stash, but it does its job well. I always recommend sinful colors, and it’s for a good cause. Remember, Don’t Text and Drive!
Softlips Cube in Pomegranate Blueberry: In this box there was a chance to get one of the three new flavors of softlips cube lip balm. I go the berry scent which is good, because I prefer berry over mint or vanilla! It has a truly wonderful scent, not strong but noticeable. I have never used the softlips formula before, but I find I really like it. It is a cross between a more thin, greasy formula like Carmex (which is still like) and a thicker formula like Burt’s bees. I find it lasts longer than carmex, but not as long as Burt’s and moisturizes well.  The packaging is cute, but I always worry about nicking the product with the lid since it stick out!
Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons: Well, what can I say? Playtex is a great brand of tampon, and their sport style is well known for being the best at stopping leaks. I do like the odor shield though I know some people find fragrance irritating.
Luden’s Blue Raspberry throat drops: in this box I could have either received these or a new covergirl foundation. I can’t deny I’m a bit disappointed on missing out on the foundation, but this is still a good product! This flavor is available exclusively at Target and it’s a good one! I’m often tired of the choices between honey and cherry when it comes to throat drop, and since I suffer from a sore throat often in the winter, I think I deserve more flavors! This flavor is great; it’s not too strong, but almost comforting, like a milder version of your favorite Dum-Dum as a child. And it does soothe my throat, yay!
Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes: I’ve wanted to try out false lashes for a time since my own are so limp and weak. I was a bit intimidated by the process though and didn’t want to spend the money on what may not be a good brand. These, though, look super lush! And they are dramatic! I didn’t have any troubles applying these at all; the glue included was actually really good. They are not “feather-light” to my untrained eyelashes, but they are not heavy or unbearable. They make my eyes look super big, but are not what I’d call natural looking. Great for a night out though!
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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