Store Review: Gabriel Brothers

Gabriel Brothers a.k.a. “Gabe’s” is an outlet clothing store chain that “operates 39 stores in Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.” This place is similar to Ross, Marshall’s, T. J. Maxx in this way. I haven’t shopped at this store in years because the store closest to me shut down and the next closest store is in an area I never go to and it was very “hit or miss” and was known for being dirty and trashy. Recently though, I was in the area for a doctor’s appointment and decided to check it out to see if anything has changed, and by God it has!
While the store still has a bit of a “dirty” vibe it was a lot cleaner and well organized than I remember it. This also may have a lot to do with the neighborhood it’s in (not the best) and the age of the location (so very old). The clothing though, was fantastic! While it used to be filled with jeans, t-shirts and the occasional “brand” name tee, this time it was filled with dresses, kimonos, palazzo pants, and cute tops. Everything in the juniors section and about half of the women’s section were things that I would wear (or wear if they were in black/my size etc.). This place was a gold mine. I ended up trying on about 15 items of clothing which was after really picking out my favorite items of what was on the sales floor. I also saw brands I recognize for places like Marshalls and T. J. Maxx in addition to B.B. Dakota which I have only seen on places like Nasty Gal. I also tried on almost 10 pairs of Shoes from brands like Rocket Dog, Qupid, and other brands. The shoe prices were under $10 about 75% of the time, and I don’t think I saw any clothing for over $20. I had to narrow my choices down to just a few things because I knew I was going to two different big malls that same week. What I go was:
Hypnotik Pink and black paisley long kimono: $9.99 valued ?
Mine cotton peplum striped top: $9.99 valued $20
Rhapsody high low dress with damask detail: $14.99 valued $28
And the big deals…
Jack by B.B. Dakota faux leather dress: $14.99 valued $62.99 according to
Rocket Dog Spicer Black Daisy wedge on clearance for $5 valued around $50.

*note on the “valued” thing.             Many of the clothes had a “valued at” listing on the tag, some did not. After looking most seemed to be about double the price they were selling it for even if the value was more than that. The leather dress for example was only listed as a $30 value but online it cost more. Only the leather dress and the shoes I could find an online listing for, the others take with a grain of salt or two.
Overall, these were fantastic deals for great pieces I will continue to wear for a long time. The only piece I wish I had bought was a B. B. Dakota red faux leather moto style vest. It was $20 though, and how often to I wear red leather or vests? It was cute though. Very similar to this one: . I am very encouraged by these finds that I see myself coming back whenever I am home on vacation in the hopes that there is be many good deals like these. If you haven’t been to your local Gabriel Brother’s in a while maybe it’s time to check it out again.

*I also bought some spandex shorts to go under my dresses there too for $3.99 each. One is valued at $24 the other doesn’t have a listing but I never seen them less than $15 in stores. 


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