Top Three Stores to join e-mail mailing lists (Free Stuff!)

It seems like every store now is asking for you e-mail to send you “deals and promotions” but which ones are worth it and which ones will just clog your inbox? Today I have my list of the top three stores you really should give your information to. (With one bonus!)
3. Bath and Body Works
The land of overpriced perfumed lotions aka less posh and American body shop aka where I spent way too much money as a pre-teen before I could buy make-up.  Whether you use it every day or it builds dust on your vanity, lotion is something that everyone likes to own. If it smells pretty that is a good bonus.  A popular place to pick these things up is Bath and Body Works. This store is also expensive ($12.50 for a lotion?) and pulls you in for “Buy three get three free” sales, but the real deal is with online deals. Very often (at least once a month) they have promotions like “spend $10 get a free lotion” but the good stuff happens when they promote a new line. Often when this occurs they have promotions for getting a free item or two with any purchase. And they mean any purchase. The best way to get this deal is to buy one of their pocket anti-bac for $1.75 and snag your free lotion, candle etc.
*It also may be a good idea to like their Facebook; sometimes the deals are through there.
2. DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse)
While DSW is one of the shops that sends e-mails nearly every day, this may be worth it for shoe lovers waiting for deals. I never buy their shoes regular prices, the deals aren’t that great, but their clearance is a goldmine. You can always find shoes 70% off and even as much as the treasured yellow sticker: 80% off. The best deal comes about once a month when they give coupons for $5 off any purchase. While this may not make a dent in some of their $70+ regular shoes, but off a 70% pair of Steve Maddens? A big difference. I can often find shoes for $15 so $5 off and I just got the cutest summer sandals for 10 bucks.
1.  Victoria’s Secret
This place houses some of the most expensive lingerie at the mall, and also the only stuff I’ll buy. We are all people of contradictions right? Not only does the e-mail list give you first access to the semi-annual sale and thus the $15 bra found therein, but numerous other coupons. There is almost always a $10 off any bra deal going on which you may not know about without the e-mails and “spend this much get this free gift” deals. The good stuff though, comes about once a month. These deals only come in the mail so you better give them your home mailing address also.  In the mail comes little envelopes with a $10 off a bra coupon, some sort of spend $65 and get a free tote deal, free panty. Yep, free panties, usually up to a $10.50 value.  They also often give a different style every month so you will get a wide range. This is cute stuff too, often part of their Victoria’s secret Cotton range which means cute patterns and lace. While this will not give you a drawer full on underwear, I’ve been part of this list for years meaning about half or more of my underwear is from these promotions (and I own a lot of panties).

Bonus: Sephora
For 95% of the year being a Beauty Insider (meaning you have an account, a rewards card, and are part of the mailing list) means nothing. They send e-mails nearly every day with new items coming out, trends, etc. but Sephora is not one for coupons or deals. When it does matter is your birthday and Christmas. On your Birthday you get a fantastic gift every year for free with no purchase needed. 2012 it was two mini Sugar lip balms, 2013 it was a mini Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter and mini They’re Real! Mascara. This year, 2014, it was a free mini MUFE (makeup forever) rouge natural lipstick and mini mascara. This is a great way to try expensive brands for free! Also, during the winter holidays is the only time they usually give coupons, even though it’s never much. Most Beauty Insiders only get 15% off (so that $20 lipstick is now $17!), VIB’s get 20% off and we’ll have to wait and see what VIB Rouge’s get as this level was just added. It’s also worth being part of the program because your purchases rack up points which get you special gifts of deluxe samples etc. starting at 100 points. 


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