Review and Swatch: Butter London Nail Polish in Gobsmacked

I have wanted to try Butter London nail polish for a while. This is out of sheer curiosity, an attraction to their shade range and a bit of an obsession with their packaging and shade names.  I haven’t tried them for one (big) reason: they are pretty darn expensive at $15 a bottle. Recently though, a few shades went on clearance at which is a sister store of zappos which also meant free shipping! This was $4.99 before taxes.

Gobsmacked is an intensely glittery dark grey and silver shade.
From what I can glean from the internet this was part of the Fall 2012 collection. I guess this goes to prove you can find old limited edition collections even years later! This shade is honestly so very pretty that if you missed this shade I’d go looking for it.
blurred so you can see the intensity of sparkle

As for formula it was very sheer on the first coat. If I hadn’t already seen swatches online, I might have thought this was a top coat! On a second layer it got much more opaque; if you use thicker coats you could get away with two coats, but I prefer three thin ones to get optimum opacity. Since there is so much glitter it ended up a bit textured even with a top coat. This didn’t bother me.
This color lasted pretty well on my nails; I only got a few small chips on my thumbs and bit of tip wear.
I never knew this little design was there! So Cute!

Overall, I’m really happy with this polish. The color is so intensely glittery and pretty as is the packaging. It may need three coats, but they dried quickly so it doesn’t bother me.  If I can get another polish for $5 I’d definitely get it, but it’s not so very overwhelming that I’d spend $15 on one.


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