Full coverage make-up look (everyday full coverage foundation)

While I do not have acne now, I had a lot of acne over the years, and continue to this day to have red hyper pigmentation visible on my face. Because of this I needed to develop a full coverage make-up routine. I will be showing you this today with pictures.
Something I find in common between many similar posts is that they all use expensive products. Mine is not so; I cannot afford extremely expensive makeup so I had to learn to work with drugstore brands. Nothing in this tutorial was over $10.
The first step is to wash your face with your preferred face wash ( I use biore combination skin balancing wash), then apply moisturizer (Neutrogena spf 15) and them primer (Revlon photoready primer).  In this picture you can see my “naked” skin and my blemishes.

Next I apply my foundation (Revlon 24 hour colorstay)in a stippling motion all over my face and down my neck. I use the real techniques expert face brush. I blend the makeup down my neck so there is no obvious line. This step blends out my skin tone and covers light blemishes.

After that, I apply my concealer. I use elf’s essential concealer wand for my under eyes and elf’s essential primer to prime my lids. On my blemishes I use wet n’ wild’s concealer stick. This is a solid, waxy, stick concealer. To use this I rub my finger pad in it until it “melts” then pat in onto my face until I reach my desired level of coverage. For my type of blemishes I find my finger superior to a brush. I also tend to not “over cover” my blemishes or face because I don’t want it to look mask like. So I let a few spots just show through.

Next I powder my face. Overtop my wet n wild concealer I use L’oreal True match powder foundation applied with a powder puff. This covers the slightly pale or “pink” tint of the concealer and brings warmth to my face while giving a bit more coverage. Around my eyes, nose, edges of my face and my neck I use Palladio translucent rice powder. I also use both these powders for the purpose of matte ness in addition to setting my foundation products.

That is the last step for coverage purposes. The rest I do for color and style. I do think that people who use full coverage foundation should at least put on blush and mascara. Foundation takes away all your natural color and glow making you look colorless and sick. It also negates some of your natural shadow so your eyes can get lost in your face so you will want to emphasize them.

I hope you found this helpful! I will make another post will the product names and estimated prices. I will also write a post about how I got clear skin.

Thank you!


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