Review and swatch: Nichole by OPI Special K exclusive color: Challenge Red-y

Have you ever looked at those boxes of Special K cereal that claimed that with just three box codes you could get a free nail polish and wondered if it was true? Did you have to pay extra? Was it a good product? Well, I’m going to answer them today.
The basic idea is that if you buy three Special K products with the nail polish advertisement on them you will find three codes and using them, you can get a free nail polish (or with 8 you can get all three). This is true. Inside the box of cereal or snack bars there is a line of numbers and letters written in black/ dark grey inside the box. Write these down. This promotion has been going on for a while and I believe with continue for a decent time yet. If you are like my family, you are a special K fiend and may already have three of the boxes in your pantry. After you have the codes you have to make an account on This is a free account and will send you coupons etc. if you wish. You can opt out of the emails, I believe, because either I did that or they just haven’t sent me an e-mail yet, though it’s been a month! After that you simply input the codes and a reward will show up in your basket, which you then accept and put in your address. There is no shipping cost. It said that it would take 4-8 weeks for delivery, but I got mine in about a week!
If you put in only three codes, your only option of polish is the red (the other two polishes being a teal and a pink. The red polish is a bright, neutral, red crème. It is not a special color; I already have a similar one in my collection, but it is a useful color.
with flash

natural light

The nail polish has a good formula, neither runny nor tacky, and is nearly opaque in one coat and is good in two. The brush is very nice, in my opinion; while it is not as large as my beloved wet n’ wild Megalast polishes, it is slightly larger than you standard brush. This makes application quick and easy. The bottle has the traditional Nicole by OPI shape; I think the bottle is cool looking and sets itself from other polishes; it also makes itself more cumbersome to be stored and is harder to hold that the traditional bottle shape.

Overall, the polish is very good; it has a good formula and brush and is free! I would totally recommend taking advantage of this promotion to get your nail polish. I also recommend the Special K Red Berries cereal; it’s my favorite!
For reference Nicole by OPI polishes usually retail for $7.99.


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