Dr. Martens Cassidy Boot review black on black

Docs have long been a shoe icon; a favorite of the rockers, punks, and Goths since the 60’s. Now their style has become more mainstream, but hasn’t completely lost its edge. Docs are the type of shoes that can last you a lifetime with their leather bodies and secure stitching. I got my first (and currently only) pair of Doc Martens last October and have been wearing them ever since.

The style that I have is called the Cassidy and comes in black on either purple, red, or black. I have black on black. The book is the standard mid-calf leather boot with a shiny design of skulls and damask-style pattern.  They also have the standard Doc bouncing sole and black and yellow tag. These shoes are comfortable in the extreme as any wearer of Docs knows; they are more comfortable than sneaker and much cooler. My favorite way to wear them is with a short skirt and tights.

close up on design

These boots retail for about $120 dollars. To get a good deal I recommend finding a few online retailers that sell these boots and wait until they have a sale and snatch them up then. I was able to get these for about $60 with free shipping.
Many people online will be quick to agonize over the process of breaking these type of boots in, but I didn’t find it to be so. The day after I got these in the mail I wore these with regular thickness tights and went about my day at university which usually means about an hour or walking in 15 minute bursts. I had no problems whatsoever. No chaffing, rubbing, or blisters. After a few weeks they leather became soft and conformed to my foot shape.
I wouldn’t say these boots have any downside. The have the classic cool Dr. Martens look with a bit of a spooky twist. They are comfortable, have a good grip and are water resistant. They are a bit expensive and can be hard to find if you want to buy in person; but they are an investment and if you can find a website with a sale and a good returns policy it will not be a struggle.
Overall, these are great shoes; one of my favorites. The will last you years and years and are so classic as to never go out of style.


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