My Wet n' Wild megalast nail polishes

Here is my Megalast Nail Polishes from Wet m' Wild. This is my favorite range and I hope to own several more.
The colors are undercover (a dusky rose), Through the grapevine (bright purple fuchsia),  Bite the bullet (lavender/pastel purple), Disturbia (dark purple with shimmer), and on a trip (bright lilac).

My favorite color of this collection is either Bite the Bullet or Disturbia. My least favorite is On a Trip because it's so bright that it's a bit unwearable for me and it's a bit too blue for me too. I'll try to update this page and I do full reviews on each color. Each color is $1.99 at major drugstores and Walmart.
Through the Grapevine

Is their a specific color you would like for me to review first?


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