Steve Madden Praque leather studded booties Review

I might have a new favorite pair of shoes! *gasp* About a month ago I bought a pair of Steve Madden booties at Bon Ton during a big shoe clearance sale. The ankle boots are the Praque booties in black leather. They also come is black suede and tan suede that I know of. While they seem to retail for between $100 and $140 online depending on website I managed to snag them for about $33 because of the sale; they were reduced then and additional 75% off.
The bootie is a black leather (real leather) ankle boot with a silver studded toe and a zipper in the inner side. The heel is very small, maybe ½ inch, and the heel/sole itself is quite hard and sturdy. It is also not very bendable so it tends to make a bit of a “clack” noise when walking; similar to a high heel sound. They are very comfortable to walk in. The only problem I had is that the toe gradually narrows to an almond/ round shape and my feet are quite wide so sometimes the outside edge by the toes rubs my little toe, but not badly. I have worn them all day walking well over an hour in total and have had a sore toe but no blisters or anything. They have not rubbed the back of my ankle; something that happens to me often, so I’m very happy.

Overall these are great boots that I would recommend to anyone who wants a pair of easy to walk in, comfortable, leather ankle boots. These boots fit a variety of styles; they are quite “edgy” but not so much that someone with a not usually “edgy” style wouldn't be able to fit them into their wardrobe. I got them for a great price and if you look around a few websites online, you could probably find them for under $100. These will be a staple through fall and winter, though I have been wearing them this summer, and will wear them in spring. They will be especially on trend this fall, though, I think.
I hope you found this helpful!


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