Review: ELF Studio line brushes

I love elf brushes in general; they are cheap, easy to find and overall good brushes. The studio brush line though, is great. The regular essential line elf brushes have a white handle and different colored bristles depending on the brush (I have both yellow and brown bristle brushes). These brushes are good, but not fantastic and retail for $1. I’ll review the ones I have later. The studio line retails for $3 a brush and all the brushes have black handles and black bristles. The big difference though, is the feel. While the essential brushes aren’t rough per say, the studio brushes are super soft; softer than my real techniques brush. These are the brushes I would recommend most overall, and are definitely worth it when it comes to big brushes like powder, blush, foundation etc. Most of the eye brushes don’t appear much different.
I own three studio line brushes: The studio powder brush (flat topped), the studio blush brush, and the studio small angles brush.

The powder brush is very dense and doesn’t shed (like all the studio brushes I have tried). I use it to set my foundation and concealer with my Palladio translucent rice powder. This brush enables be to really pick up the loose powder through the holes in the packaging and set my make-up. I do not “brush” my face with this or sweep; instead I pat or stipple it on my face. I have also heard of this being used for liquid foundation. I think this brush would be a bit big for my face to be used with foundation.

The blush brush is equally dense and soft as the powder brush. It tapers at the end giving it a gradual rounded end. It works very well with my blush and would work well with bronzer or highlighter too.
I use the small angled brush for my eyebrows. I use this brush to apply powder to fill them in. I looked for several brushes for this job, and the angled brush I bought was not stiff enough or slender enough to give me precise application. I then looked at elf brushes and the essential line angled eye brush was too fluffy and flexible to do the job, so I bought the studio brush. It is perfect! The bristles are dense and stiff; I have owned this brush for a year or so and have used it almost every day since and have washed it many times; it has not splayed or lost bristles! This is an eye brush that I would recommend buying from this line; it is very precise.
Overall, these are fantastic brushes! For only three dollars you get brushes that rival the big name and expensive brush lines. Anyone who is a beginner, also, can afford them and have a good experience using make-up brushes! I hope to buy more form this line soon. I buy my elf products at Target.
What is your favorite elf brush? What is your favorite brush line/brand?


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