Review and Swatches: Victoria’s Secret Eye Shadow Quad in Satisfied

The Victoria’s Secret Eye Shadow Quad “satisfied” retails for $20 in stores and online at The Quad contains a grey-taupe/ champagne color (Base), a medium/dark gray (crease), a white (highlight), and a black (lid). All the shades are pearl/shimmer/satin style finishes except the lid color which contains silver/blue sparkle.
The formula overall is ok. The lid and crease shades apply easily and with a good amount of pigmentation. The white shade is a bit chalky. The base shade is a bit tough and as such hard to get onto the brush and then onto the lid with a significant color pay off, but it can be worked with to get a good color with a couple layers. The black color can cause fallout. The crease shade is not that easily blend able.
The swatches are a single layer of color; on the right there is a strip of ELF essential eyelid primer.


The “directions” on how to apply the colors are not useful for me. The recommendation is to sweep the base color from lash line to brow, add lid color from lash line to crease, layer crease shade into your crease, and finally add the highlight shade onto brow bone and near tear duct. This gives you a very dramatic look, something suitable for only the most dramatic late night style looks.  Also the “Crease” shade doesn’t make much sense since I usually use my darkest she in my crease, but the crease shade in this palette is lighter than the lid shade.

How I wear this palette is to apply the base shade from lash line to crease, add the crease shade to my crease, and if I want even more depth, I sometimes add the lid shade to the outer end of my crease and lid “outer V” area.  I then add the highlight shade near my tear duct. This gives me a slightly “smoky” look, but is very easily wearable for daytime.
Overall this palette is ok. The formula of the shadow is not that great and the directions are bad. The colors can be used well is a little work is put into it and a good smoky eye shadow set is a good thing to have; but can be bought from any brand. the packaging is nice. The price on this is not worth it though. The only reason I got this was because I had a $20 Victoria’s secret credit to be used online and I had a gift card to use for the shipping price.  I would pass on this one.
Has anyone else had bad experiences with Victoria’s secret makeup products? Good ones?


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