NYX round case lipstick in Minimalism

About every quarter Ulta sends out rewards certificates to those customers who have spent more than $50; there are different levels, but I have only ever gotten to level one. Ulta recently added a new free product to the level one reward: Nyx Round case lipsticks in a few colors. I remember strawberry milk, tea rose, and B52 being listed. When I got to Ulta the case was very picked over so the sales assistant told me that I could pick any color and they would redeem it for the certificate (instead of just the listed colors). I had been looking for B52, or a few other colors I had seen online, but due to the very limited quality of choices and the knowledge I would not be able to get back to Ulta before the certificate expired I just tried to find one without sparkle. Many of the Nyx lipsticks in this range have sparkle; also, as a note, there is no seal on these lipsticks so you can see inside at the real color, and also should check that there are no signs of prior testing of the lipstick.
The color I got was Minimalism; it is a pink/peachy/nude. It has no sparkle. The lipstick is quite a nice color, and the only “nude” lip color that I like on myself. “Tan nudes” look horrible on me. The formula on this lipstick is ok; it has its pros and cons. One good thing about it is that it really glides onto the lips without really snagging on dried skin; I would actually advise not putting on lip balm before this, or making sure the lip balm has fully absorbed. If I have a damp lip balm on the lipstick just glides on over top; not leaving much color. This lipstick also didn't feather on me (though no lipstick has so far) and doesn’t migrate from my lips. I also find the size/shape of the stick easy to apply. The main bad thing about this product is its tendency for deterioration. While this lipstick isn’t drying or matte, it acts similar to a matte lipstick when it comes into contact with liquid or food: it flakes off and doesn’t apply easily to a still damp mouth. It also is hard to layer so you much completely remove the color before reapplying.  

The packaging is very cute with a black plastic tube with white writing. The color name appears on a sticker on the top and you can see the shade through a plastic bit on the bottom. This color is reasonably accurate, but not always identical. These lipsticks usually retail for about $3.99. Nyx products are often on sale for BOGO 50% off at Ulta. Overall, this is a decent product and I would buy these again (especially if I was already picking up a product and needed something to boost my purchase to over $10 so I could use the Ulta coupon.) The colors that I saw when I picked this one up were not exceptional (an contained a lot of glitter) but I’m sure if the display was not so picked over I would have been easily able to find a few more shades that I liked.


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