Food review: Naked Power Garden Berry Veggie Juice

The fruit flavored juice drink has been around for years in an attempt to convince people to drink their daily vegetables. This has also been a failure in most cases for me; because I can still taste the vegetables in a juice drink like V8 plus fruit. Needless to say, I was quite skeptical when I saw that naked had come out with a fruit flavored vegetable drink. Honestly this blew me out of the water; it tastes like fruit!

The taste of this drink is definitely fruity with no hint of vegetables, but it isn’t sweet. It is tart, probably because of the cherries it contains. Also, it has a bit of a not-quite-grainy texture. If you have tried their protein juices it has a hint of that, but not nearly has strong as that texture. I think this is from the chickpeas.  While I’m not a fan of those juicing crazes that makes juice out to be some type of healthy wonder food; this drink is quite healthy. The bottle claims in contains a pound worth of vegetables in every bottle. By my estimations, that is 3 servings of vegetables. It also is a lower calorie juice than most; it 250 calories per 16 oz bottle. It also contains many vitamins, fiber, and protein. It has no added sugar.

This juice retails for about $3, which is on the mid-high end for the juices I have available to me. Overall, I would not call this a meal-replacement or anything, but it is a great juice to drink if you really want some juice, and for a vegetable juice drink it tastes nothing of vegetables. I would highly recommend.


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